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Ozone on demand
always equally effective 

Hygeia users fill the water reservoir of the bottle with cold tap water. The vial then sends the tap water through a patented electrolysis cell system with each press of the spray button and immediately generates ozone water. The Hygeia SB100 is an on-demand in-your-hand device. Whether someone is working for four minutes or four hours, the bottle continuously offers the same ergonomics and quality.

The smartest alternative
to everyday cleaning

Hygeia helps users to clean faster and in a more hygienic way. By applying this all-round solution, the deployment of multiple resources becomes superfluous. Workplace visits are minimized because the multifunctional bottle can be filled under any tap. In addition, method errors are history. Whether it is for commercial, industrial or private use, Hygeia is suitable to benefit any environment.

Tested by laboratories,
approved by authorities

The use of Hygeia is safe for everyone and can benefit the health of customers and employees. This is because the water-based ozone does not emit VOCs or leaves harmful residues, while effectively killing bacteria and fungi. The ozone concentration that the Hygeia spray bottle generates is recognized as safe to use. Our claims have been verified by Lapuck Labatories. In addition to the CE mark, the bottle has a TÜV certificate, which confirms safety. Further certifications can be requested.

The Hygeia Experience


At first the idea of cleaning a household solely with tapwater seems too good to be true. Especially since you’re used to needing various scented cleaning products. The moment I started using Hygeia I became attached. Hygeia degreases and disinfects. I use it to clean every part of the kitchen. Hygeia makes things like the stainless steel refrigerator spotless and streak-free. All without the use of chemical products. It is better for people and nature. And on top of Hygeia helps keep fruit and vegetables longer and free from bacteria. There is no turning back for me. Hygeia is the way! "

Corinne Hofland
Private User

Plan your Hygeia Experience

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